Tuesday, May 01, 2007

VIM vs. PuTTY keypad

The problem was annoying me for very long time: under PuTTY, applications (e.g. less, vim) using tek window (alternative terminal screen) had totally screwed keypad. Solution was found here.
Apparently, PuTTY tries to do something smart. And fails.

  1. Change function key/keypad mapping from standard "ESC[n~" to "Linux".
  2. Disable application keypad mode
Apparently only second is required, but first is also recommended.
The options, as usual to all options of Windows applications, change their location in settings dialog periodically so I cannot give their precise locations. Go through PuTTY setting and you will find them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was finally able to use keypad numbers with VIM and PuTTY. This has been puzzeling me for years (I'm very patient).

Paolo said...

Thank you very much. This problem annoyed me for years ... until today :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!! Extremely helpful once I got annoyed enough to actually google the problem :)

Anonymous said...

I can only repeat how useful this was. Thanks a lot!

F. said...

2009, problem still exists (and flying cars still can't be seen but that's another issue).

And.. thank you !

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