Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[link] 21 of the Best Free Linux Text Editors

21 of the Best Free Linux Text Editors

Unfortunately, VI and Emacs clones are not presented. Emacs itself is too bloated to be used by people who like to remain in control of their text editor - but there are number of decent Emacs clones.

From Wikipedia: Emacs clones and VI clones. VIM is listed in VI clones.

P.S. Most important Emacs shortcuts: Ctrl-g - end minibuffer editing, if any; Ctrl-x Ctrl-c - exit Emacs. Ctrl-g you need because often, after entering shortcut from another text editor, you might end-up in Emacs minibuffer (internal command line). Ctrl-x Ctrl-c will not work in minibuffer - so you need to press Ctrl-g. After exiting Emacs, type in shell "vim" and press Enter to start real text editor ^_^

Monday, August 25, 2008

[link] 100 Vim commands

100 Vim commands every programmer should know

Nice summary of vim commands.

P.S. Though apparently the people are messing up "vim" and "vi". As things stand right now, "vim" has absolutely nothing to do with "vi". Hey I worked in "vi" (on both Solaris 10 and HP-UX 11.x) - that was most frustrating 5 minutes in my life. The *NIX vendors do not even bother adding keyboard support. Solaris' "vi" proudly says that it wasn't updated since 1996.