Friday, September 15, 2006

VIM 7 :: RE: turn off paren/parenthesis/whatever highlighting

The fix submitted before isn't reliable. That piece of magic in .vimrc does the job:

let loaded_matchparen = 1

It tells some plug-in/script/whatever that it has already did the job. If you put that in .vimrc - it would think that way always and would not load anymore. Nice.

P.S. The Tip was found here :help pi_paren.txt. It would be all really nice if computers had a special interface to read my mind - and tell me how the devels named particular feature. That way I will not need to waste weeks to find the corresponding help entry.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

VIM7 :: file type detection

New in VIM7 is file type detection. To get info whether it is present/activated try that:


and that to turn it off:

:filetype off

File types are made to allow bulk customization for particular file type. At moment it doesn't provide any advantages over plain :au - but probably more to come in future.

P.S. :filetype off must be at top of .vimrc - it tries to manage everything so many options changed before would be reset.

P.P.S. Relevant help pages/see also: :help filetype, :help 'filetype' and :help ftplugin.

Monday, September 11, 2006

VIM 7 :: turn off paren/parenthesis/whatever highlighting

Put that line into .gvimrc:


Seems like due to serious Q&A problem that shit creeped into release of VIM7.

:help hl-MatchParen for more info on how to wear down your eye in under 5 minutes with minimum of options set. [sarcasm off]

Edit1: seems like that feature is automatically enabled only for GUI vim, in other words NoMatchParen is accepted only in .gvimrc.

Edit2: The solution is not reliable. Proper fix!