Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Clever tricks from VIM's Bram Moolenaar

The page where I found tip for the annoying PuTTY problem, also had great tip:

:help usr_12.txt
There you will find clever tricks you can do with VIM to accomplish simple yet sometimes needed tasks. And overall page has lots of simple hints. Very good reading.


Anonymous said...

From Slashdot, under the OpenBSD 4.1 release, your comments:

"GNU tools by themselves are already pretty old - and kind of outdated. BSD tools are just rotten dead. And with them to me whole BSD: kernel is good, shell around it - is dead."

You call yourself a software developer! hahah. You are a liar. %99.9 of the commands that run on all Linux distros and BSD distros are GNU. Are you an idiot?

There isn't a 'ls' command for Linux and one for BSDs.

You are a dumb ass.

Ihar Filipau said...

> [...] %99.9 [...]

Didn't you meant $ instead of %? Most likely you did.

Anyhow, that is one hell of constructive comment. ;)

> You are a dumb ass.

Uh-ho. You caught me there. ;)))