Monday, April 09, 2007

[off topic] [rants] GNU Make - missing features

  1. For all "declaration" nature of make, it is still very very hard to build your own rule out of predefined ones found in make database. e.g. making a rule for new file extension to call existing rule for older file extension is only possible with dumb copy-and-pasting. Now imaging project with hundreds makefiles - all at different times doing such copy-and-pasting: one hell to do maintenance.
  2. Arithmetics. I was really surprised to find that make doesn't have any internal facility for arithmetic expression calculation. Even more so I was surprised when I learned that GNU project doesn't even have such library. Best call - is to call external optional program 'dc' or hope that bash is installed and do arithmetics through it. That bars many accessibility features like progress counter for long build processes. Also obviously renders makefiles unportable.
  3. Clean mechanism to overwrite rules. That's actually what makes proper dependency check implementation impossible. E.g. if you have dependency "a: b" and "a: c" that would really mean "a: b c" - and there is no way to cancel the "a: b" dependency.
  4. List and string routines. Again, mere convenience, yet has performance impact. To put it simply: it is very stupid when to transform file name I have to call several external programs. String manipulation is needed for file name transformations. List routines are needed for proper management of list of targets scheduled to build.
  5. Recursiveness. The dead horse was beaten many times before. Lack of proper recursiveness support bars use of make on very large projects. Or leads to arcane make files understood by few thus having very very low accessibility. One can't require everybody on project to be a make specialist.

Looking at all the rants, my mind instantly points out that the list is precisely difference between make and cons. Last update to cons - pcons - was in 2001 and (thanks to that fact that it was written in Perl) it still works perfectly in all situations I have been to.

I had very ridiculous accident: people using pcons were told to switch to make ("Of course there is no reasons to it - it is just our corporate policy"). Case looked bleak: dumbing down build system back to stone age of make wasn't problem - problem was the lost functionality (the list above). I have advised (and it actually worked) simple solution: put pcons right along with sources and create makefiles with all targets calling cons instead. Worked beautifully - thanks to slim nature of cons/pcons which is written in Perl and has little/no external dependencies.

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