Monday, April 09, 2007

[off topic] One-liner to make GNU Info usable

Something like this should be shipped along with GNU Info documentation system - to make it any useful:

$ cat ~/usr/bin/iinfo
info --subnodes --output=- "$@" 2>/dev/null | less

Option "--subnodes" tells info to dump everything it has - w/o frigging inhuman document structure. Option "--output=-" tells to dump that all on stdout. The bit "2>/dev/null" is to shut up the stupid useless stuff info spits on stderr. And '| less' bit tells it to behave like proper "man".

Rants. Ironically, even the one-liner cannot make GNU tools any better: they show their age, were not updates in years and do not support most modern things one expects. Searching internet generally brings more and better results than digging outdated GNU documentation. (N.B. GCC of all GNU tools is kind of exception.)

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