Tuesday, June 13, 2006

little things

Bunch of little options normally found in my vimrc:

  • set nowrap
    disable long ling wrapping. since most of the time I do coding, I do not need wrapping. My coding style doesn't "allow" long lines anyway.
  • set ruler
    enables display of current line/column number at bottom of screen.
  • set title
    enables changing terminal title. Works with xterm and alike by printing specially crafted escape sequence understood by the terminal emulators.
  • set bs=2
    make Backspace work as expected. Be default, new VIMs allow backspacing only just typed text.
  • set cindent
    enables indentation for C-like languages. Pressing Enter will position cursor indented according currect context nesting.
  • set cinkeys-=:,0#
    disable indentation processing when typing colon and hash symbols.
  • set wildignore=.o:.lib:.dld
    when completing file names, ignore files with extensions on the (colon separated) list.
  • set wildmode=list:longest
    when completing, first complete to the longest common matching string and then list possible matches.
  • set bg=dark
    tell syntax highlighting to expect dark (black) backgroung.
  • syntax on
    turn on syntax highlighting.
For more help on the options use e.g. :help 'ruler' - single quotes telling help command where to look for the given keyword. For help on syntax highlighting use :help syntax.

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