Wednesday, May 31, 2006

purpose of the blog

If somebody comes across the blog, I want to make sure what people see here.

Another hard drive crashed, another non-backed-up $HOME died - and again I have to ressurect my .vimrc from ashes. Piece by piece. This becomes a habit.

With the blog I hope to record as much knowledge as possible, so next time creation of my .vimrc - full fledged, ready for production environment - wouldn't take as long as it takes now. There would be single place with all things I need. And it will be smaller than vim's online ":help"

P.S. Some people argued that I just need to save my up-to-date .vimrc somewhere on the net. But this is a way of Emacs users. I do not like NNN kilobytes of black magic everybody copied from Joe The Emacs Pro and nobody understand meaning of. I like to have things I (1) need and (2) understand. I do not like black magic.

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