Monday, March 26, 2012

Mapping: disable the search history modification

A nice trick from :h histdel() to remove the last entry from search history:

:call histdel("search", -1)
:let @/ = histget("search", -1)

That can be used the following way (a mapping to insert HTML's paragraph break (</p>\n<p>) before the word under cursor):

map <silent> <F3> :s!^\(\s*\)\(.\{}\)\s\+\(\S*\%#\S*\)!\1\2</p>\r\1<p>\3!<CR>:call histdel("search", -1)<CR>:let @/ = histget("search", -1)<CR>

With the histdel() andreset of @/, the search pattern replaced by :s is reset back to what it was before and thus the n/N keys work as expected. (You will not believe it: I have spent many years in VIM without knowing about the N shortcut. Discovering it by an accident was like enlightenment to me.)

OK, the mapping gets obsessively long, but works as expected. One can't have it all.

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