Wednesday, February 11, 2009

VIM's keywordprg for Perl and ... VIM itself

This is logical follow-up to my previous post about K shortcut.

The two (actually three lines) added to ~/.vimrc allow when editing Perl and VIM scripts to transparently call with K proper help system.

au BufReadPost *.pl   set keywordprg=perldoc\ -f
au BufReadPost *.vim map K :exe ":help ".expand("<cword>")<CR>
au BufReadPost .vimrc map K :exe ":help ".expand("<cword>")<CR>

Perl one is obvious. VIM one actually required some trickery: we do not call external program, but call VIM's internal command instead.

P.S. BTW, :help :help is pretty useful reading. Due to my error, 'K' in VIM mode used to constantly show it, instead of expected 'expand("<cword>")'.

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hobbestigrou said...


You can also add in your .vimrc

runtime ftplugin/man.vim

and add a mapping for K
nnoremap K :Man

It's very cool you have a man with coloration. But with map perldoc I don't how use that.