Friday, November 16, 2007

[off topic] Another monospace font: Droid Sans Mono

Accidentally came across new (at least to me) monospace font called "Droid Sans Mono."

Since I'm droid coder already, there is no real danger of using the font - with such terribly sounding name.


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80x24 said...

I can't find an even more inappropriate place to post this vi improvement technique so here goes:

Taurine which is the main ingredient in Red Bull and other energy drinks is useful both as a neural transmitter in the brain (what you type in VI) as well as muscle contraction (using fingers at a keyboard). So it is not surprising that it may be excellent at improving VI performance. A company in Thailand (Mon Chong Loong Corp.) has caught on to this business opportunity. At my local Chinese market they have a BIG end-aisle sale display of their product which is mostly taurine with flavoring and a lot of other vitamins. etc. If served cold (as instructed) it is surprisingly delicious. Last night and today I have found that sipping even small amounts helps my VI performance. I don't know if it is legal or ethical to give the name here, both because this is a non-commercial blog and because it has an ® on it, but it is soooo good. it is called "Liquid VI."