Tuesday, October 30, 2007

[off topic] MSWindows - Minimize Window shortcut

Lack of shortcut to minimize current window had bothered me for very very long time.

But finally I found a solution. There is a wonderful program for M$Windows called AutoHotkey. Main purpose of program is to allow you to override particular shortcuts to perform custom action. Program is pretty cryptic, but allow for some automation of Windows what is definitely progress. (For example I have bunch of shortcuts to retrieve information from Firefox in half-automatic fashion.)

Now the magic to put into AutoHotkey.ahk (default) configuration file:

WinMinimize, A

"#x" is "Win-X" shortcut (hold the (otherwise worthless) key with Windows flag on it and press X). "WinMinimize, A" command tells to minimize active ("A") window. "return" tells to stop further script processing.

Bit of additional magic to disable the single-Alt menu silliness and to emulate Mac OS X input of German umlaut characters:


>!u::Send {ASC 0252}
>!o::Send {ASC 0246}
>!a::Send {ASC 0228}
+>!u::Send {ASC 0220}
+>!o::Send {ASC 0214}
+>!a::Send {ASC 0196}

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