Thursday, August 10, 2006

vim :: turn that 'showmatch' crap off

I have just waisted hour to find that sucker:

set noshowmatch

SUSE (as well RedHat) have long tradition of shipping f*cked up configs for all major editors and terminal emulators. SUSE 10 (in addition to unusable xterm config and vim's "set backspace=0" (which renders backspace key in vim totally borken)) now started adding "set showmatch" to default exrc. As if anybody over there at SUSE/Novell actually used once xterm or vim. Why they keep crapping in the configs?? Are GNOME/KDE configs not enough for distros to shit into???

set showmatch, if you have just typed parens/bracket/comment opening/etc, makes cursor to jump shortly to its counterpart. That shit is creping off Wind0ze over-bloated unusable IDEs. It distracts your attention of what you were doing. It forces you to move your eye - as if you do not know your own source code - needlessly, wearing and tiring them down. Might it be OS vendors have a secret contract with ophthalmologists??? I have no other guess.

P.S. Linux Productivity Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 5, December 2002 "VI and Vim" - - lots of vi/vim basics.

Edit1 Related: matching parens highlighting. Mistakenly attributed to VIM7, but also present in VIM6.

Edit2 Proper fix


Anonymous said...

thanks I agree, but couldnt you post the fix in your blog.

Anonymous said...

set noshowmatch
is the answer. Thanks I want the last 10 minutes back though.
Also that web page you list didnt even have that answer. Anyway at least the answer is here now for the next poor sod.

Here is the old school doc I found

Ihar Filipau said...

Proper fix was posted later here:

Anonymous said...

noshowmatch doesnt fix that stupid
auto matching {}. Now I want the full half hour. set compatble will get
things back to normal

set compatible
set nohlsearch
set noshowmatch
set modelines=0
set tw=75
set et
set noai
set syntax=off

Ihar Filipau said...

> set syntax=off

Wow. You want it rough ;-)

Try also ':filetype plugin off' - that would prevent Vim from loading all the crap people have decided to put into C mode.

Anonymous said...

better yet, just find and remove the matchparen.vim plugin:

sudo find / -name "matchparen.vim" -exec rm -f {} \;

Anonymous said...

It's not an SUSE feature, I've installed Vim7 on my Solaris box from source, and it has this incredible feature, too. Thanks for the hint "find / -name "matchparen.vim" -exec rm -f {} \;" :-)

Now, vim is usable again.

Anonymous said...

The fundamental issue here is differing personal preferences, not "right" and "wrong" (the same basis of every other religious flame war). And really, you should change the color scheme of this blog, as it's terribly hard on the eyes ;-)

Ihar Filipau said...

> the same basis of every other religious flame war

LOL. The comment made me laughing.

This is not about preferences.

This is about essential usability.

But I guess, if you are using computer 1 hour per day - then the defaults are OK to you.

For me who still sometimes has to make 20 hour long coding runs, everything unneeded and distracting is becoming major pain after some time.

As to color scheme of the blog... LOL again. This are standard colors of Linux console. If you are not used to them, then this place is very likely not for you.

Chris Carpita said...

The unintuitive solution to this, caused by the dreaded matchparen plugin which is enabled by default on many systems:

#file .vimrc
let loaded_matchparen = 1

This prevents the plugin from loading and highlighting parenthesis (and slowing down vim to a crawl)